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    Voice of our customer

    BOA – a strategic customer for Ryder

    We call ourselves an Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider (EMS), but we are really a Manufacturing Service Provider (MSP) with electronics as one of our component parts, and our relationship with BOA is a testament to that. There is no electronic heartbeat in this product!

    Gary?Hammerslag?–?Chairman/Founder of Boa?Technology

    “From the very beginning, the relationship between Boa and Ryder was rooted in mutual trust and respect, and a desire for a long-term partnership that would be beneficial for both parties. Ryder understands that for them to be successful, their customers must be successful, and they work on our behalf.”

    Lonnie Thomsen – Director of Business Systems

    “Ryder is a first-class partner and our relationship is built on trust and a common desire for continuous improvement.

    Boa Technology has been a Ryder customer for more than 15 years and their conversion to Microsoft Dynamics AX last year has had major positive impacts since its implementation just over 1 year ago.? We have seen significant improvements in manufacturing visibility and on-time delivery in the last year.? The huge effort that Ryder undertook to convert to Dynamics AX continue to show great benefit and it is much appreciated!”

    Judy Feller-?Director

    “Both Ryder and the third-party inspection service have done a good job checking the quality of the products. We appreciate each order shipped as expected. Fanny lets us know the quantities and they have always matched exactly.”