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    Our Facilities

    Together we make it.

    We support both new and emerging technologies, as well as recognised and thriving established brands.

    Mainland China


    Ryder Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd.
    139 Da Bao Road
    Bao An, district 33
    Shenzhen 518133


    Ryder Electronics (Xinfeng) Ltd.
    Lüyuan Ave (E), Industrial Park
    Xinfeng County
    Ganzhou City
    Jiangxi Province 341600

    Hong Kong China

    Hong Kong

    Ryder Industries Ltd.
    1803 Chinachem Johnston Plaza
    178 Johnston Road
    Hong Kong

    From modest average account size – through to 100,000’s of units/batch sizes, Ryder offers:

    ? Strong design and development engineering: electronics, firmware, mechanical. They dovetail with qualification and production.
    ? Product introduction and low volume high mix capabilities.
    ? High level of product customisation, variations and batch sizes.
    ? Locally realised and robust supply chain.
    ? Extensively vertically integrated.
    ? We offer support through design, manufacturing and distribution to the customer, or our customer’s customer
    ? One of our largest customers has no electronic components: their product is completely mechanical. With over 10 years of continuous growth, this is convincing evidence of Ryder Industries’ skills in plastics and metals
    ? Strong engineering and skill in managing complex production.
    ? We support our customers throughout the entire production lifecycle.

    With our specialist engineering skills, we are much more than simply EMS – we are proudly EMS+


    2 plants with a total of 46,000 sq. metres (500,000 sq. ft.) factory floor space:

    • Tech-rich Coastal plant ? hr from Hong Kong
    • Cost-optimal Inland plant 5? hrs away


    Robust, disaster-resilient operations.

    Vertically integrated:? 10 production processes that dovetail into one another.

    Over 2,500 people with ongoing in-service training and upgrade.

    Well-implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX system with off-site backup.

    Both plants certified to ISO 9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and obtained AEO certification.

    Coastal site have ISO13485 in additional.


    8?SMT lines;

    Components to 01005; Clean Room environment.

    Flexible PCB; Ultra-Fine Pitch 0.3mm.

    Fine pitch SMT BGA and Chip on Board

    Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

    Auto Optical Inspection (AOI)

    X-Ray inspection

    Pb-free, Halogen-free and Pb processes

    ROHS, WEEE, and REACH compliant


    111 injection machines, electric and hydraulic, 45 – 470 tons clamping force

    Double shot moulding

    In-house tool maintenance workshop

    Auto spray-painting


    UV coating

    Laser engraving

    Cable harness

    Precision parts metal stamping


    80?Assembly lines.

    80,000 pcs daily output.

    Through-hole capability.

    Robotic arm to apply custom conformal coating.

    Strict Quality system, extensive logic and functional test facilities.

    Audio testing.

    RF testing.

    Dedicated production floor